Monday, February 7, 2011

Can't Turn to The Left or to The Right (Not Even After A Good Shower)

What is it about a shower..........that lures us in and keeps us captivated under it's cascading spell...........when we have the BEST of intentions that we'll only be there for a quick five?  As we can all attest, that quick five very QUICKLY turns into ten, then twenty, then thirty.............. easily.  It happened to me just now........... and of course, I had to write about it. Alguien mas a quien yo conozco, a quien yo amo tambien se aprovecho de una ducha bien larga.  Porque fue su primera ducha como persona libre....... pues, libre en cuerpo

A lo largo del dia de reencuentro con mi muchacho-ya suelto de su detencion (yes, and PLEASE don't ask me how it happened because the ONLY thing I will be able to tell you is "It was a STRAIGHT UP MIRACLE")-todas las mujeres de su vida logramos iniciarlo en su limpieza mas grande-el de su espiritu y mente que llevaban aparentemente anos enjaulados mucho mas antes que su cuerpo would folllow suit.

Yes, you read it right.  Mi muchacho is out.  OUT.  At least his body is.  His mind............. sheesh........... where do I begin?  I thought I would stop being sad when this day came-because I always had faith that it would (ojo-la guerra no se ha ganado por completo-pero batalla por batalla avanzamos, SEGURO).  But not two days after his release did the GA legislature get to work holding a "hearing" for one of a several anti-immigrant/immigration bills.  Colleagues and I tweeted the hearing throughout the proceedings,they proved to be nothing more than sham proceedings......kangaroo proceeding. Take the comment made by one of these legislators which my colleague overheard: "this is what I overheard outside of the CLOB 506 when arriving at the first and only 'open' House 'hearing' on HB 72 (English Only Driver License Testing Proposed Bill): 'We are just waiting to make sure there are enough Republican's to pass this today'."

WTF??? Herein lies the newest cage for my boy...........  Soooooo telling-when each of the women around the table asked our nene what plans he has for moving forward, la unica cosa that he kept repeating over and over again was, "I'm just gonna not even go out.  I'm not gonna drive.  I'm not gonna drive."  Let's park there for a second.

Se trata de.  Un nene.  De SOLO 19 anos.  Y ya sus planes mayores son quedarse escondiito en la sombra.  Para que no lo detecten.  Nunca mas.  Esta resignado a NO volver.  Tras rejas.  Detenido por indocumentado............ Una condicion que descubri que habia experimentado una vez anterior.....  En su vida tan corta.  (en otra ocasion les digo)

Can you imagine living a life where you fear even going out of your front door?  Upon pulling up to his family's residence I had him on the phone orienting me to the right door, and I noted a cop patrolling the vecindario.  I remember exclaiming, "Diantreee, nene!  Hay policia por to's la'os!"  And he said, "Miss, why you think I been staying in here since I got out?  I told (really pronounced like "toll", lol) you that the police-they everywhere."  He was right.  And I was confronted.
With another realization.  My boy's freedom of movement for all practical purposes ended the day he graduated high school.  And he most assuredly feels that his freedom to dream ended the day he watched the Senate of the United States of America so callously VOTE HIS FUTURE DOWN THE DRAIN.  I liked meeting his aunt VERY MUCH.......una mujer sabia y con cojones e iniciativa (fue ella quien llamo a los Georgia DREAMERs al leer un articulo sobre un muchacho en la misma que el nuestro)-she insists that este muchacho think positively.  Que empiece a visualizar de como es que quiere que sea su vida.  Que no deje por mas que pueda que alguien ajeno determine su destino.  All things I, also, have been beating him over the head with.  I felt good that I wasn't the only one close to him insisting on his tapping into his own personal power.

But HOW do you tell a boy who KNOWS what the GOP in this state is up to and who told me during one of our visits at Stewart, "Obama aint gone do nothing.  He just wants our votes" that it's ok to begin to dream again WHEN HE DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT IS EVEN SAFE ENOUGH FOR HIM TO MOVE ABOUT HIS OWN NEIGHBORHOOD???  GA's version of AZ's SB 1070 hasn't even made it out of public hearings yet, and he feels his freedom of movement restricted as if it has already been passed and signed into law.  This is so sad.  This is so sad! 

Let me put it to you shockingly, and for some, blashpemingly.  THIS is this child's foremost expectation..... to hear..... His foremost thought as to what will happen si piensa poner un pie fuera de su casa:

And when ye turn to the right hand or when ye turn to the left, thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the police, freeze.